Better Business Bureau or commonly known as BBB is a non-profit organization on a mission to connect people with the best businesses around. BBB has been around for more than 100 years in the United States. It has been in the local scene for over 60 years.

BBB has a mission to help people find trusted businesses and brands. An Accredited Business of BBB means that a company was screened, monitored, and approved.


If you see the BBB logo, which is a dynamic seal on a company’s website, decal in a storefront, or truck, you know you can trust that company.
What are some of the perks when you become a BBB Accredited Business?

1. Free Promotion for your Business

By being a BBB accredited business, your company gets a free promotion on the official Facebook page of BBB of Southern Nevada and BBB.Vegas. Newly accredited businesses get recognized by a welcome post.

Get featured in BBB.Vegas Magazine. Send a message to [email protected] for inquiries.

2. Explore Your Official BBB Studio

The BBB has partnered with 360.Vegas Studios to bring you the most advanced video & photo production available at discounted prices. A BBB accredited business is entitled to discounted rates on all services, including:
– Studio Sit-Down TV Set
– Full Production Studio, Audio & Editing
– The Largest Green Screen Set in Nevada
– Affordable TV & Web-Ready Commercials

Learn about all the benefits and discounts you are entitled to at the official BBB studio.

3. Free 5-Minute Profile Video

By being an Accredited Business with BBB and in good standing, you receive a free 5-minute profile video. Come on down to visit the studio sit-down set and learn how easy it is to be the star of your own show. You can expect:

– Demo video showing
– Short training to get you ready
– Sign-up on the spot for your free video
– Meet existing members that already have a video
– Ask questions and get real-time answers

A BBB accredited business gets a free 5-minute profile video.

The goal of BBB, which is to help people find and recommend businesses, brands, and charities they can trust, matches with BBB.Vegas Magazine’s objective. The magazine supports BBB by enabling businesses and consumers to connect in Southern Nevada. BBB accredited businesses can also use these links to submit their stories, events, and offers.

Story: Submit your Business Story –
Event: Submit Your Business Event –
Offer: Submit Your Business Offer –

Once accredited, we uphold your business to a higher standard, which separates you from other companies. Our BBB Standards for Trust are eight principles that are essential elements to creating and maintaining trust in the marketplace. Apply to join your local BBB by filling out the details in this link