Most people have things they don’t necessarily need, want or use, but that doesn’t mean other people don’t want it. Nevada Coin Mart’s buyer network, allows it to buy local items in Vegas and then looks for the right partner that can pay the most for it. For this story, let us focus on something that is often unwanted – COINS.

A Hidden Treasure in your Home

Almost everyone has a coin or two hanging around that they’ve held on to for one reason or another. What you may not know is that some of those coins may have significant value. So, now is the time to take a look at what you have in your closet or storeroom.


If you find a coin or bill, don’t throw it away. It might be worth something big. Bring it to Nevada Coin Mart so they can evaluate it for free and make a fair market offer on it.

There are a few coins that are viewed as collector favorites that might put a decent sum of cash in your pocket if you happen to find one in your coin stash. Here are a few coins to keep a lookout for:

1. The 1943 Penny

The 1943 silver colored penny is a wartime coin issue made of steel and coated with zinc to save copper for the war effort and was only produced in this manner for one year, hence their increased value. Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco all produced these ultra-rare 1943 copper pennies and they are considered the most valuable pennies ever produced.

2. The Morgan Dollar

The Morgan dollar was a United States dollar coin stamped from 1878 to 1904, and again in 1921. The front-side portrays a profile picture speaking to Liberty, while the back delineates a bird with wings outstretched. Some of the rarest and collectible issues are:

The 1889-CC
The 1893‑S
The 1895‑S

3. The Buffalo Nickel

The Buffalo nickel or Indian Head nickel is a copper-nickel five-penny piece that was struck by the United States Mint from 1913 to 1938. Type I Buffalo nickels incorporate the words “Five Cents” superimposed on the hill below the Bison on the turnaround of the coin. Type II Buffalo nickels show “Five Cents” in a recessed territory beneath the hill on the turnaround.


Remember: Never clean your old coins. Keep the dirt – keep the value. The most important aspect of a coin is its history – the older, and rarer, the better – and keeping the coin in its most originally found form is best.

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