The Las Vegas City Council established the Innovation District in the city’s urban core to concentrate smart city technology infrastructure investment. The Innovation District is meant to serve as the home of new transportation infrastructure and mobility technologies, allowing for the creation of partnerships with autonomous vehicle/mobility companies and smart city technology firms.

The company behind the online platform for the Innovation District is Dot Vegas Inc. The startup is a BBB-Accredited business, and they have been entrusted with managing the new .vegas top-level domain (TLD.)

What this means is that local companies can now buy Vegas-branded domains such as,,, and many more. Before this, local companies had no way to: (1) brand their website to Las Vegas, and (2) buy memorable short domains with only one or two keywords.

Presently, Las Vegas is at the forefront of a technological wave, and the Innovation District is a way to concentrate high-tech industries into an ecosystem that spurs innovation through fruitful collaboration with partner industries.

The Birth of Dot Vegas

In 2014, Dot Vegas discovered the answer to the problem. The company, led by seasoned domain experts, saw that the Vegas brand was being developed by a broad community of influencers, from LVCVA to the City of Las Vegas, and to Corporate America (MGM, Ceasars, Stations Casinos) but without a formal organization with complete control over the brand. Dot Vegas knew they struck gold. They saw the opportunity of working with these groups to bring change to the .com space. After years of working with the ICANN, Dot Vegas Inc. introduced the .vegas domain extension to the world wide web, giving them effective control of the Vegas brand domain. Just like how BMW controls its brand with .bmw, Dot Vegas is the one in control of all the rules and policies associated with every domain that would use the Vegas extension. This control means that they have the power to restrict the appearance of some URLs on the Internet.

Make the move and adopt a .Vegas domain.
Photo Courtesy of Dot Vegas, Inc.’s Facebook account.

Giving Value to the Brand

Currently, obscene, racist or other nefarious URLs that may likely be used by bad actors on the Internet or would negatively impact the Vegas brand have been blocked from release. Of course, once a Vegas URL (domain name) is registered and created, Dot Vegas does not control or dictate the content appearing on the URL. But, Dot Vegas provided an opportunity for a community influencers to use generic domain names in innovative and positive ways – to bring more visitors to Vegas, to generate more revenue for Vegas, to create more jobs for Vegas. Generic Names are now open for registration at leading domain registration sites like GoDaddy.

One of the billboard campaigns of Dot Vegas.
Photo Courtesy of Dot Vegas, Inc.’s Facebook account.

Dot Vegas has ongoing, exclusive rights to control and operate the Vegas top-level domain. These rights are perpetual, meaning Dot Vegas will be able to exercise significant influence over the Vegas brand for years to come.
How then did a small startup company gain so much influence on the Vegas brand? Foresight and Know-How.