The IPOF Mission

The mission of the Injured Police Officers Fund is to help reduce the financial burden of the families left by the police officers who suffered an injury or death in the line of duty. IPOF provides monetary assistance to these officers and their families.

The IPOF assists with expenses not covered by industrial insurance for serious line of duty injuries or a line of duty death. It may include reimbursement for equipment damaged, childcare expenses not normally incurred, and other expenses on a case-by-case basis.

The IPOF supports the families of injured and killed law enforcement officers throughout Nevada. Every product you buy here, directly goes to helping them.


The Injured Police Officers Fund (IPOF) was formed in October 1982 when LVMPD Motor Officer James MacLaren was shot in the head during a traffic stop. Though he survived his injuries, he was forced into medical retirement. Because of this, Sheriff John Moran and his wife Goldie Moran initiated a fund-raiser – the first fund-raising event for a police officer. All funds raised were donated to MacLaren and his family. This was when the IPOF was born.

Upon the IPOF’s conception in 1982, it immediately represented the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, Henderson Police, North Las Vegas Police, Boulder City Police, and the Southern Region of Nevada Highway Patrol. These were the first agencies to commit to this cause. Then in 1992, IPOF added the Mesquite Police to its members, and in 1995, the City of Las Vegas Detention and Enforcement, City of Las Vegas Department of Public Safety, University of Nevada Las Vegas Police Department, Clark County Park Police, and Clark County School District Police. To date, there were 11 member agencies forming the IPOF.


The IPOF is represented by law enforcement officers, one primary and one alternate, from each of the member agencies. These officers are appointed by the Chief of Police of their agency, or the Sheriff of Clark County, in the case of LVMPD. 

The said appointed officers willingly devote a portion of their time to IPOF duties.

IPOF Fundraisers and Community Works

The IPOF typically holds at least two major fundraisers each year: The annual IPOF Golf Tournament and the annual IPOF Classic Car Show. They also hold other charity benefiting events like The Thin Blue Line Hockey Tournament, the Nevada Police and Fire Games, and the LVMPD K9 Trials.

The IPOF Classic Car Show is a main fundraiser for the IPOF every year.

The IPOF also works with different non-profit organizations within the Las Vegas area throughout the year.

Donate Now

You can help the IPOF by making a tax-deductible contribution through this website: You can also contact the IPOF for more information at [email protected], via telephone at 702-380-2840, or via mail at 9330 W. Lake Mead Blvd. Suite 130, Las Vegas, NV 89134.



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