Tourists come to Vegas to enjoy the nightlife. Not a lot know that you can have the ultimate stargazing experience at the City of Entertainment. Partying is a common thing to do in Las Vegas but to stargaze is a unique opportunity that brings out your geeky side. It is astounding to see how bright the stars are and surprising to know that they are just 20 miles from downtown Las Vegas.

stargazing in Vegas

Anyone who is interested with stars can attend or even book his own “Star Party” through the Las Vegas Astronomical Society¬†(LVAS). An evening of stargazing with them is definitely an entertaining and learning activity as they use their high-powered telescopes and share their knowledge about astronomy.

A public stargazing is held at the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area
Public stargazing is held at the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

The LVAS hosts a public stargazing every month except in December. These events are usually held in local State and National Parks in the area of Las Vegas. Some of the venues included are Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, Spring Mountain Ranch State Park, the National Desert Wildlife Refuge and the New Spring Mountains Visitors Center.


What Happens in a typical Star Party

  • It begins with an astronomical presentation.
  • If the weather permits, there is a viewing of the night sky through the telescopes of the LVAS members.
  • A laser-guided tour of the night sky begins an hour after the sunset.


Enjoy an evening of stargazing with the Las Vegas Astronomical Society

Join any of the public star parties. If you want a more private one, book your own star party. Observe and study galaxies, nebulae, dead stars, and star clusters. This is suitable for all ages. There is a special video-assisted system that can be provided for children and old adults that have difficulty in viewing the eyepiece of a telescope.


Tips if you are going to the star party

  1. It tends to get chilly at night so wear thermals and bring gloves especially during winter when you have to bundle up.
  2. Arrive early. Once the capacity is reached, Rangers will close the dates and restrict visitor entrance.
  3. Leave pets at home. Some guests are not comfortable having pets around and not all areas are well lighted. This is also to protect telescope equipment.
  4. If you plan to take photos, don’t forget your tripod and remote shutter release.

Forget the nightlife for a moment. Experience stargazing with the locals of Las Vegas. See how vast and magnificent the moon, skies, and stars are at night.

Watch what happens in a Star Party: