As a BBB-accredited company, Nevada Coin Mart has proven itself to be a legitimate and trustworthy business. It has helped millions of customers earn cash from selling their items since 1969.

12-Time Winner of the Best of Las Vegas Awards

This year they are the proud winners of the Las Vegas Review Journal’s Best of Las Vegas Awards in 5 categories:

Gold & Rare Coins
Best Customer Service
Best Appraiser
Antiques & Collectibles
Place to Buy Unique Gifts

This makes them a 12-time winner of this prestigious award and is something that could not have been achieved without its affiliation with the Better Business Bureau.

When a business becomes accredited by BBB, it is understood that this business is legitimate and reliable. Furthermore, BBB businesses are operated following a codified set of principles. These principles are called the 8 Standards of Trust. In this article, we will go over these standards, and how Nevada Coin Mart applies them in its own customer dealings.

I. Build Trust

This practice involves establishing and maintaining positive relationships with customers. This is BBB’s top priority.

As one would expect, trust is implicit at Nevada Coin Mart. Having to deal with precious items that contain gold, silver, and diamonds, NCM ensures customers that they are dealing with a legitimate company that has been around for years. When a price quote is given, justification is provided for the appraisal. Items never leave the customer’s sight, and all testing is done right in from of them.

II. Advertise Honestly

Advertising can sometimes go too far; manipulative advertising and promotion is one thing that BBB does not tolerate.

BBB insists on honest advertising and monitors its affiliates’ advertising content. This way, customers can be sure that what they are promised is what they actually get. NCM’s advertisements and promotions are honest and direct to the point. Although Neil likes to have fun in his commercials, he always stands behind what he says.

The iconic “Neil Mobile”

III. Tell the Truth

Dishonesty is a deterrent to trust. When representing a product or service, including clear and adequate disclosure of all material terms reflects good values, which says a lot about a business. At NCM, customers selling their items are given monetary amounts that are based on spot prices, and other standardized market references.

Neil is also a Graduate GIA Gemologist, which makes him one of the few people in Las Vegas that can accurately grade diamonds and other gemstones.

Free Testing of gold & silver using non-destructive X-ray Spectrometer

IV. Be Transparent

BBB is a strong believer in transparency and applies this to all of their actions. BBB businesses and charities are fully expected to be 100% open and honest with their business dealings.

This goes beyond just “telling the truth”. It also means that pertinent information is never withheld to the detriment of the customer. Neil Sackmary is very hands-on when it comes to NCM. He deals with customers face-to-face as much as possible to ensure proper communication and full disclosure of all necessary details.

V. Honor Promises

Business deals should not end once the transaction is over. BBB considers agreements, whether verbal or written, as covenants. The organization takes these agreements seriously, and all accredited businesses are also expected to do so.

When Nevada Coin Mart quotes a customer, they stand behind that offer 100%. Customers can see all precious metal prices clearly on their website, so they have an idea of what to expect.

VI. Be Responsive

When it comes to business ethics, responsiveness from both ends of any transaction is implicit. Additionally, any dispute in the marketplace must be addressed quickly, professionally, and in good faith.

As evidenced by its 2-time winning of BOLV’s “Best Customer Service” Award, Nevada Coin Mart has proven that it cares about customer service and responsiveness.

NCM sorts your jewelry for free.

VII. Safeguard Privacy

In business transactions, consumers give their trust to business owners, along with their personal information. They expect these details to be kept confidential and protected at all costs. It is the owners’ obligation to ensure the safety of these details against mishandling and fraud.

Nevada Coin Mart also makes it a point to keep all customer information safe. It utilizes the latest and most secure software to digitally store customer information away from prying eyes and hackers. No employee has access to private information once the transaction is over.

VIII. Embody Integrity

Running a business involves a great deal of integrity. It is hard to trust a business owner that does not embody integrity, so BBB only accredits those who approach all business dealings, marketplace transactions, and commitments with this essential attribute.

Neil Sackmary, despite his colorful personality, is a man of integrity who has dedicated the majority of his life to mastering his industry. When he appraises an item, it comes from years of study and experience. The same goes for NCM’s jewelry buyers and coin numismatists. There is no substitute for experience.

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Achievements & Awards

Being in the industry this long is not easy, but NCM has made it possible by strictly adhering to BBB’s Standards of Trust, which helped earn them the following Best of Las Vegas Awards:

2020 Bronze for Best Customer Service
2020 Gold for Best Antiques/Collectibles
2020 Gold for Best Gold & Rare Coins
2020 Gold for Best Antiques/Collectibles

2019 Gold for Best Antiques/Collectibles
2019 Gold for Best Gold & Rare Coins
2019 Gold for Best Place to Buy a Unique Gift

2018 Bronze for Best Customer Service
2018 Gold for Best Antiques/Collectibles
2018 Gold for Best Gold & Rare Coins
2018 Gold for Best Place to Buy a Unique Gift