At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security.

Jodi Rell, an American politician, once said that. In these days, safety and security are two things that every home must have.

A home and business owner cannot take security for granted because it’s the safety of the people and assets being compromised. Safety and security monitoring systems are now basic necessities. Some people are not yet convinced why they should have their own home and business security. These home and business owners are taking a risk without a reliable security alarm and video system.

Safe and Secure Alarms and Video
Secure your beautiful home with a reliable alarm system.

Safe and Secure Alarms and Video (SAS), whose one of the owners is John Vaccarino, believes that when it comes to safety, every second matter. The company is committed to serving the people of Southern Nevada with alarm and video security for homes and businesses.

Here Are The Top Ten Things You Don’t Know About Home and Business Security That John Knows:

Safe and Secure Alarms and Video offers Cutting Edge Solutions For Your Home or Business.

Here Are The Top Eight Things You Don’t Know About Home and Business Security That John Knows:

Here Are The Top Ten Things You Don’t Know About Home and Business Security That John Knows:

Safe and Secure Alarms and Video
70% of burglaries occur through doors so always lock doors.

1. Most Break-ins Occur through a Door and NOT a Window

More than 70% of burglaries occur through doors be it the front, back or master bedroom door. It’s not through windows as commonly known. Doors are the entry point of thieves.


2. Most Break-ins Occur during the Day and NOT at Night

We thought that the time of darkness, which is evening or early morning, is a convenient way of burglars to enter a house because people are sleeping but what we don’t know is they would rather break-in at daytime when no one is home. An easy target is when nobody is home.

3. Break-ins Take less than 10 Minutes

Burglars look for easy targets. If they can get easily into a home, that’s how easy and fast they will steal from the house. Homeowners should secure their locks and invest in a home alarm security. 10 minutes of theft is equivalent to a lifetime of memories & valuables lost.

4. Deterrence Makes a Difference

Nowadays, we often see signs or stickers at the door, window, front yard and backyard from security companies. There is already a feeling of security because those that will attempt to break-in will have to think twice before attempting to open the door or break the window.

Safe and Secure Alarms and Video
Burglars know a good security brand so if you’re getting one, hire the experts in security.

5. Thieves Know Good Security

Thieves know good security brands and are afraid of them. They are even more afraid of brands they are unaware of. Choose a reliable local brand that makes the thieves think twice.

6. Employees are Usual Culprits

Believe it or not but a lot of business theft occurs via an employee or former employees. They unnecessary know everything about the business so it’s convenient for them to execute a plan of robbing it. They know what’s inside and where to locate possible items for theft. Having a security monitoring system can help in tracking down the current whereabouts of the burglars as well as knowing who are the thieves based on visual evidence.

Safe and Secure Alarms and Video
Video security is a good tool to track burglars.

7. Video Security is a Growing Market

Numbers show that only 15% of homes have working security camera systems. Cameras are very vital to monitoring. With operational cameras, these can be monitored by security companies. They can see if there is anyone trying to gain access.


8. Thieves Cut Lines

We see it in movies where the bad guys cut the phone and power lines to avoid detection. It happens in real life. Professional burglars do that so any form of communication will not be possible for homeowners. Alarms won’t ring too. That is why a good security company uses battery backups on their systems, and cellular communications to notify their Security Monitoring Headquarters.

Safe and Secure Alarms and Video’s burglar alarm systems do not require a phone line to function and can be remotely operated via your smartphone or pc from anywhere in the world that has internet connectivity.

9. A Handyman’s Tools are the Most Common Tools Used in Home Invasion

Screwdrivers, pliers, hammers, and pry bars are some of the most commons tools used to commit a home invasion. Take note that most of these tools are found in the garage accessible by someone who has been near it. Close your garage especially if no one is there. Be sure to put locks in your toolbox and cabinet.

10. Someone is at Home at 3 out of 10 Burglaries

It’s a scary thought of being a victim of theft but it’s even more terrifying when you’re at home while a break-in is happening. Theft victims are at home 28% of the time and that 7% of these victims experience violent crime according to the U.S. Department of Justice’s report.

With all these said, home and business owners should make safety and security their priority. Protect your home and business 24/7. Contact Safe and Secure Alarms and Video (SAS) before theft happens or burglars break in. John Vaccarino knows these things and is committed to providing protection for your family, home and business. His company has a combined 40 years of experience in the field of security. Safe and Secure is what they do.

SAS offers the latest digital camera technology CCTV systems. These systems give you clear crisp video, which you can use to see your home or watch your business from anywhere. SAS is a locally operated business with installation, service, and monitoring done at Southern Nevada. The company believes in helping local businesses like theirs to thrive to help everyone in their city.


SAS will monitor your home and business 24/7 using their complete security solutions. Their Live Video Verify Technology lets them monitor break-ins within 10 seconds of an alert. Their systems are industrial-strength and are designed to work for security needs.

Start 2019 right by having your reliable alarms and video system!

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