Safe and Secure Alarms and Video is a one-stop shop for complete home and business security solutions. The company handles expert installation of high-end security camera & alarm monitoring systems. They have 24/7 monitoring and a faster response to break-ins and safety issues.

Locally-Owned for 35+ Years

The company is Locally-Owned for 35+ Years. The company is operated by two dedicated security specialists with over 20 years of combined home alarm experience. While other security companies have tie-ups and deals with bigger and famous conglomerates, Safe and Secure Alarms and Video takes care of your account personally.

They know the heart of the city better than anyone else because of their local roots. Whenever someone calls Safe and Secure Alarms and Video, a real local expert answers the phone. They care about the local community as much as you do. They take pride in local customer service rather than long-distance customer service.

Focus on Long-Term Relationships

That is how the company builds its long-term relationships. They take care of their existing customers. They have grown over the years because of the trust that binds the company and the customer together.

Taking advantage of new technology is what Safe and Secure Alarms and Video is magnifying. They have Smart Home Integration. You can watch from your phone what is happening in your home wherever you are at any time of the day. Gone are the days when you have to retrieve previous recordings to check on your security. Now you can monitor it 24/7. You can control the security system from your phone.

Industrial-Grade Equipment

These devices are not cheap instruments that fail. Their systems are industrial-strength and are designed to work. They have a new technology called Live Video Verify that monitors break-ins within 10 seconds of an alert. Not even the big conglomerates can do this. It is a new system that allows them to monitor doors, windows & accessways and see live video playback of the accessway within 10 seconds to verify if there is an issue.

This system ensures an 85% faster response rate by security & police. Each second matters when a break-in occurs. This also decreases false alarms through instant verification to ensure there is a real issue before security or law enforcement is notified.

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Safe and Secure Alarms and Video’s job does not stop when your security system is installed. The company prioritizes its quarterly preventative maintenance. A visit to your property is scheduled to inspect and repair your camera as needed. A security specialist will ensure your system is running in good shape. You can never miss out on any errors with security.

Trusted Brand

A great security system must have the most trusted brands in it. Safe and Secure Alarms and Video utilizes two of the most credible and reliable brands in security, which are Honeywell & HIK. All the items such as cameras, sensors and alarm system are designed to last through Las Vegas’ harsh weather conditions. Having weather-proof items is a must to endure the climate in Las Vegas. These systems are industrial-grade designed to last and keep you and your family safe.

BBB A+ Accredited Business

Safe and Secure Alarms and Video is an established Security and Alarms company in Las Vegas. Some notable companies they have worked with are Monster Energy, Target, Starbucks and Recreational Equipment, Inc. Your home and business are protected with the reliable alarm and video surveillance of Safe and Secure Alarms and Video.

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