Ever been in a situation where you just hoped that someone was there to support and guide you? Someone that you can count on? Renta-Dress and Tux, a Las Vegas-based rental shop for bridal gowns, tuxedos and evening wear, aims to be this kind of someone to its clients. It exists to help clients truly enjoy a celebration. It accomplishes this by efficiently taking care of their outfit, eliminating one source of worry prior to an occasion.

Of course, everyone wants to look their best for a celebration. After all, celebrations don’t happen all the time. Some occasions, such as a wedding, even happen just once in the lifetime of a person. However, there’s no denying that the process of finding the best outfit can be time-consuming. Sometimes, unexpected occasions that will demand a person to find an outfit immediately even happens. An outfit can also be costly. These are the scenarios where Renta-Dress and Tux could help.

SPARE AN HOUR WITH Renta-Dress and TUX and you’re good to go!

From the name of the store itself, Renta-Dress and Tux has a wide selection of dresses and tuxedos available for rent! It is a friend that will make the process of finding an outfit a convenient, time-efficient, and enjoyable experience. To do that, all it needs is just an hour! It can already help you find, fit, and alter a bridal gown, a tuxedo, or evening wear within this span of time.

Bridal Gowns

Renta-Dress and Tux has four styles of bridal gowns. It includes the ball gown, the mermaid, the A-line, and the short and sassy. It holds over 300 unique gowns. The sizes of the gowns range from 2 to 28.

Renta-Dress and Tux Shop offers a variety of wedding gowns for a bride’s big day.

Renta-Dress and Tux also provides wedding accessories to help its soon-to-be-brides for clients create the unique look they want. Its accessories include wedding veils, hairpieces, wedding jewelry, and shoes. The store also has ready dresses for flower girls.


For the gentlemen, Renta-Dress and Tux provides a wide array of tuxedo styles including the single button, the two-button, the three-button, the Diamond, the Paris, the Premier, the Mirage, the New Navy Blue, and the Classic Tails.

Gray and blue suits are always in style. Choose from Renta-Dress and Tux Shop. Photo courtesy of Renta-Dress & Tux Shop’s Facebook account.

Its tuxedo rentals include tuxedos from popular designer brands like Ralph Lauren, Jean Yves, Calvin Klein, and Michael Kors. The rental shop also has style consultants at bay to ensure that a tuxedo fits a client’s body type right on the mark.

Renta-Dress and Tux has accessories to go with the tuxedo. It includes vests, ties, cumber bands, pocket handkerchiefs, scarfs, suspenders, dress socks, slip-on dress shoes, and lace-up shoes.

Formal Evening Wear

Renta-Dress and Tux also offers a variety of formal evening wear. It has long and short gowns for formal events such as prom and cocktail parties.

Find your perfect dress at Renta-Dress and Tux Shop. Photo courtesy of Renta-Dress & Tux Shop’s Facebook account.

Tight on the budget? Renta-Dress and Tux has limited-time-offer packages for tuxedo and gown; hair and makeup; and photography. Additionally, for a fraction of a cost, it provides the following services:

  • Steaming
  • Transportation going to or departing from the store, which could be arranged upon reservation.
  • Pick up of the rented garment after use

Look your best and enjoy every moment of a celebration. Let Renta-Dress and Tux support you in your outfit wants! Do you have an event happening soon or later? Your buddy is just a call, email, and maybe, a few steps away.