Living in Las Vegas has many perks, including our warm, dry weather. While the warm desert climate may be advantageous for a low-mold environment, it does not mean your property is safe from this dastardly demon of the dark. Mold loves dark and wet, and that means inside your walls, roofing, or flooring after a leak – mold can live, grow, and thrive anywhere, hidden from view. Unfortunately, water damage does not care about the climate, and even with desert living, your property is at risk for mold and mildew. When a house is exposed to water damage, components like drywall, flooring, baseboards, and insulation can become saturated, making the entire place a literal breeding ground for mold. That’s why knowing how to handle a water leak inside your property can put you steps ahead of the game.


Water damage can occur for any number of reasons, and it usually comes at the most inopportune times. Maybe your water heater bursts, or a pipe inside a wall starts to leak, or a toilet backup; all of these can lead to mold growth, structural breakdown, bacterial growth, and long-term health effects. Time is a killer when it comes to water damage. That’s why it’s important to have a plan ahead of time, and to know who to call 24/7, as even a few hours can make a MAJOR difference.

Regardless of the size of the flood, Quick Dry Restoration can help you out.


Quick Dry Restoration is one of the most reputable names in the water damage industry and their goals are fast response, proper insurance claims, and most importantly, excellent customer communication/service all throughout the process.

The Quick Dry Restoration Team

Already in its seventh year of operations, Quick Dry Restoration was founded in 2013, with Anton Skoro and Carson Meyer being two of the first employees in company history. Working to climb the ranks and learn everything they could about the industry, they have now taken over the daily operations and running the company. They focused on the mitigation of water damage to residential properties by removing damaged materials, salvaging what could be saved, and all the while ensuring a clean work environment, quality craftsmanship, and honor to the industry. Their dedication to customer service moved them to seek accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, and in 2016 they became a fully-accredited business. As Anton says “We are dedicated to providing the best service, and having the BBB Badge on our side helps customers to know that”. Indeed, this is the third time Quick Dry Restoration has been featured on the cover of the BBB.Vegas Magazine, and this stamp of approval goes a long way in reassuring customers that they are dealing with the best in the valley.


Step One: “First and foremost, make certain that the water has stopped leaking by calling a plumber,” says Clayton Dimond. A supervisor of the company, Dimond suggests that a call to Quick Dry Restoration would be a good next step. If you do not know a good plumber off-hand, Quick Dry Restoration can assist in referring a top-quality professional that can get the job done right, as Quick Dry is a preferred vendor for some of the top companies in town.

Step Two: While waiting for the team to arrive, locating your insurance company documents should be your next step, as Quick Dry Restoration has yet to accurately assess the damages. The team can do this estimate for you, free of charge. Once the team has moisture mapped the damage and wet areas, they will help you call your insurance. The team will notify your insurance that they are on site, the extent of the damage and what steps are needed to mitigate the damage.

Step Three: Quick Dry Restoration will document for your insurance company where the damage is located. Whether it’s a broken pipe, toilet overflow, or leaking roof, the Quick Dry Restoration experts will properly account for all the different specifications that the insurance company requires. An exact square footage of the area affected can be provided to your company using a technique that the industry uses called “moisture mapping.” Anton explains that through moisture mapping, a moisture meter and a thermal camera will be used to determine what material is wet, and how widespread the moisture is.

Quick Dry Restoration uses the leading technology for accurate moisture mapping.

Step Four: After Quick Dry has documented all of the wet areas and damaged items, the team will begin the dryout process and demolition of the affected materials. Once the tearout has been completed and all the areas cleaned up, the team at Quick Dry Restoration will place drying equipment for a few days. They will come back daily to document the dryout and check the progress. After the dryout is completed, Quick Dry will pick up the equipment and turn things over to their rebuild company J & J Contracting to complete the rebuild of the home.


Damage Mitigation. Quick Dry Restoration can help to stop the flow of moisture with a fast response time, allowing for the work to commence the same day; thereby limiting damage to the affected area. They will also bring in air movers and dehumidifiers that same day, that will aid in removing the moisture in the affected areas. Mold Growth. Mold lives where moisture lives. Without the use of proper moisture detecting equipment it is impossible for a homeowner to know all the areas that are wet, and where the potential mold growth could be. By using this equipment, it assures all areas affected are found and that mold will not rear its ugly head weeks or even months later. Insurance Claim. Insurance companies are notorious for denying claims when claims are not filed in a timely manner, or damage not addressed in a relative amount of time. Even if they do not fully deny the claim, you could end up on the hook for a portion of the repair because of a few days wait time or not having proper documentation. Quick Dry Restoration has years of experience in filing claims and will make sure you get maximum coverage.


Water damage is a new situation to many property owners. It happens infrequently and so there are many unknowns for the average home or business owner. This is why Quick Dry Restoration places an emphasis on being honest and realistic with the customer, not just with the pricing of the services, but by explaining how problems can be solved. “We deal with water damage every day, and we know that our customers don’t,” says Owner Carson Meyer. “That’s why everything is walked through by a supervisor with years of experience.” Quick Dry Restoration prides itself on the fact its Owner/Management team having over 40 years combined experience between them, along with the office having a licensed adjuster, to assist in the claim process. Quick Dry Restoration understands not much separates them from the rest of the valley’s restoration companies in terms of the work that’s done, that’s why Skoro says he has made Customer Service the backbone of the company. “We have to understand the process better than everyone, be the cleanest, most professional, hardest working, and most honest in the valley. Anything less would be shorting the customer. We’re aiming to bring the best service to our customers and give our employees, a company they can be proud to work for.”

Cleanliness is one of the core values on every job for Quick Dry Restoration.


Quick Dry Restoration takes pride in the fact that each client is treated as a friend and member of the community. The phone numbers of the owners are accessible to everyone, making the small business available to all who need it, and ensuring that the people behind it can take responsibility for everything going on in the business. Quick Dry Restoration doesn’t use answering services, and prides themselves that at 2 am you’ll be speaking to one of the owners—each client is dealt with personally and treated as a valued customer. The team at Quick Dry Restoration hopes you never have a leak, but if you do they say welcome to the family, and you’re in good hands with “The Dream Team.”