Dealing with water damage can be an overwhelming problem to face. Thankfully, Quick Dry Restoration is now offering a more accessible and affordable solution. The family-owned water damage restoration company specializes in water clean-up, water dry-outs, and mold remediation services for both commercial and residential properties. In a sit-down interview, Quick Dry Restoration shares why they are the first ones you should call when you have water leaks at home.

Communication with Insurance Companies

Most homeowners commit the mistake of calling their insurance company whenever water leaks or damage happens. While it is okay, it is highly discouraged. Insurance companies will ask many questions, and homeowners run the risk of saying the wrong things and volunteering unnecessary information. Any miscommunication may give the insurance company enough reason to deny the claim.

Quick Dry Restoration co-owner Anton Skoro shares, “We work directly with the homeowners and their actual insurance company. If they don’t have insurance, we work with them at an out-of-pocket price. We’re here to take care of the homeowner and make sure we do a fair job for the insurance.” He adds that their priority is to make sure the homeowner understands the process.

“We specialize in calling the insurance company and letting them know what’s going on and helping the homeowner to walk through that process. It’s not something they deal with every day. We deal with it, say, seven to nine times a day,” Skoro adds.

The company strives to make its customers maximize their homeowner’s insurance. In general, an insurance company will only accommodate claims reported within seven to ten business days. Hence, Quick Dry must get the call immediately. The faster the company can assess the potential damage, the higher the chance of the insurance covering the claim, and this translates to thousands of savings for the part of the homeowners.

Fast Response Time

“We’re called quick dry for a reason,” says Skoro. The company will respond to your needs within 60 to 90 minutes after the call. If the customers are home and they are ready to show the problem, they can get a free assessment within two hours. Not only that, Quick Dry works 24 hours, 7 days a week because water leaks don’t happen during business hours only. They can happen anytime, and the company wants to be as responsive as possible.

Water Damage Solution For All

The company also boasts of an extensive experience working with all types of customers and different properties. Any place where there’s water damage, Quick Dry will provide a solution.

Overcoming Mold

Water leaks need immediate attention for two main reasons. One, it can cause structural damage. Two, it is a potential health hazard. Water leaks from pipes can cause mold to grow. Undetected leaks, like within a wall, are the worst of all. By the time, you discover a water leak, molds have taken over the area already.
Quick Dry works to dry out the structure to prevent extensive damage to the property. Immediate action is necessary, so homeowners don’t have to spend good money paying an engineer or contractor to rebuild their homes just because of dry rot, mold, and mildew.

Resale Value of Your Home

Water damage from a previous leak, which did not receive proper treatment, can cause the resale value of your property to go down. Just imagine, listing your property and having an inspector come into your home and discover water damages. You can no longer call your insurance company, so you have to take care of it out of your pocket, which means, you have to shell out a lot more money because you didn’t take care of it while you still can.

Quick Dry wants homeowners to understand this scenario and learn from it. Homeowners often make the mistake of not inspecting any further damage to their home until it’s too late. What Quick Dry advises homeowners who experience any water damage is to give them a call. “We’ll come out there and see what you’re actually dealing with and see what you’re working with and then if it warrants filing a claim, we can help you with that process,” says Quick Dry Restoration supervisor Clayton Diamond.

Customer First Culture

The company knows the impact of excellent customer service for their business. For this reason, Quick Dry ensures that its customers get the best service possible. Owners Anton Skoro and Carson Meyer make sure they respond to every call they receive. Every phone call goes directly to Skoro’s number. Customers will not talk to a robot. Instead, they can speak to a real person who cares for their concerns. “Whether it’s 2 p.m. or 2 a.m. That phone is ringing, and we’re available to help you out,” shares Diamond.

Quick Dry deals with water damage day in, day out. Whereas, homeowners will experience it only once or twice. That’s why they must understand the process and fully grasp the situation.

Skoro says, “We don’t want you to wake up one day and say I’m missing my kitchen cabinets, I can’t cook for my kids, I don’t know what’s happening. We want you to be in the picture. We want you to be in the loop. We want you to know exactly what’s going on. That’s why we send a supervisor like Clayton, my business partner Carson Meyer and myself to every single one of our calls. You don’t get a technician showing up or someone who’s new to the business you get somebody who’s been with this business five-plus years and understands the ins and outs.”

State-of-the-Art Equipment

It’s not easy to solve water damage. Simple tricks like opening the window and letting walls dry are not enough to stop extensive damage. It won’t effectively dry out walls. This is why Quick Dry uses dehumidifiers, HEPA air filters, and air movers to provide a quick dry out solution to its customers. Clayton shares that using the right equipment helps to dry things out quicker and more efficiently, so homeowners can get back to their normal lives the soonest possible time.

Transparency and Accountability

Quick Dry prides itself by providing transparency with its customers. Their partnership with the Better Business Bureau helps them become accountable for their actions and service for its clients. They believe that their honesty and integrity is what made them successful – successful enough to deserve a cover story.