The Quick Dry Family: Meet the Dream Team of Water Damage Restoration



You’ve heard that before, but at Quick Dry Restoration they mean it. Operating in the valley since August of 2013, Quick Dry was built off of one simple principle: Customer Service. The company’s motto makes sense given the emergency industry they operate in: “Water damage doesn’t take days off; neither do we.”

The company prides itself in that they never have, and never will use an after-hours answering service. Anton Skoro, the owner, told us: “When a homeowner has a need, it’s our obligation to be there and assist regardless of time. We’re the local experts, our homeowners place their trust in us; we have a responsibility to keep our homeowners informed throughout the process, do quality work for the homeowner/insurance, and be honest and ethical. We never know when the call will come, but we stay ready.

Quick Dry, like the valley, has seen growth over the last eight years. One truck has grown into a fleet of seven trucks on the road daily. Clayton Dimond, one of the company’s supervisors, says he loves the growth: “How can you not be excited to see a company like ours grow. With more trucks on the road it increases our chances of beating some of these less reputable companies to the call and saving homeowners the headaches we’ve recently
seen on the news.”

With thousands of jobs completed over their 8 years in business, Quick Dry has the experience, knowledge, and tenure you want when you have water damage. Unlike most restoration companies in the valley, Quick Dry focuses on one thing: Water Damage. Skoro says, “when a homeowner has a flood, regardless of size and damage, we’re ready. We don’t have employees who are trained in fire damage, reconstruction, or cleaning carpets.”


Our team is focused and trained to assist with water damage. Colton Kreml; a seasoned company supervisor said “We’ve created a lane in the water damage industry in Las Vegas. Plumbers and customers need a company they can rely on to get to the flood in a timely manner, be knowledgeable of the industry standards, and ethical. That’s what and who
we’ve always strived to be, and we prove that with every job we complete.


Quick Dry is veteran-owned, family operated, and striving to bring that small town vibe to the valley. This year Quick Dry wanted to introduce you to the young professionals you will see in the field, what they enjoy about the industry they’ve carved careers in, and a few
tips on how to prevent potential water damage in your home. The end goal is to help you choose a qualified/licensed company.


From everyone at Quick Dry Restoration we thank you for taking the time to get to know a little about our company. If you ever need us; we are always here for you.



“I’m Anton Skoro, and responsible for this crew of amazing individuals. I started at Quick Dry Restoration 6 months after the company’s creation, with no idea this industry existed. We’ve been blessed over eight years to have some amazing individuals walk through these doors and put on the Quick Dry logo and serve the valley to the highest standards. I owe a lot to them for caring at the level they do, and always making sure, day or night, we’re ready to go. My advice to homeowners experiencing water damage: Know who you’re working with.

The BBB is a great place to look up the standing of a company, yelp and google offer reviews, but more importantly, make sure the company you hire is licensed/insured. This gets overlooked a lot in our industry. All restoration companies should have some type of a contractors license through the state and should have that number always available for you to look up. DOES THE COMPANY YOU’RE HIRING HAVE A CONTRACTORS LICENSE? We hold a c-31 Wrecking license, which every restoration company should hold. You’ll be surprised how many do not actually hold a contractors license. Please know who is in your home, before they start the work.”


I’m one of the supervisors at Quick Dry Restoration. I’ve been with the company 6 years
and love the commitment we have to our customers and community.

We take great pride in the work we do and helping our customers in times of stress. Homeowner’s are rarely experienced with flooding, and it’s our job to help them understand the process and get their home restored to pre-flood conditions.

Preventing leaks and floods is almost impossible, but preventing the damage from getting worse IS NOT! One of the best things homeowners can do: check water sources and supplies for leaks, staining, or damage. If you spot any, call a company like ours for a free assessment. We will come out and give our homeowners peace of mind, and different options to get things fixed.

Water damage can’t always be seen by the naked eye; that’s why we use equipment designed to detect water and damage caused by it. Having a restoration company come out might not stop the damage, but knowing the extent and creating a plan to deal with it can only help.”


I’m a supervisor here at Quick Dry and one of the first professionals you will see at your home. I’ve been with the company for 6 years. The aspect I love is helping homeowners in distress, in what might be one of the most stressful events of their lives. Being able to walk people through the process and relieve any fears or misconceptions they might
have, and help them fully understand the process is rewarding.

The info I would leave homeowners with: you always have a choice as the homeowner as to who you hire to complete the work. Don’t allow anyone to make you feel like you must use specific companies for your claim to be covered. Insurance companies may push for their preferred vendor to do the work, without sharing that you have the option of hiring a company of your choice. We work with every insurance company in the valley. The difference between us and other vendors is that we work for you and work with the insurance; not the other way around.”


“I’m a Project Lead here at Quick Dry and have been with the company over 3 years. This is one of the best jobs I’ve had. Having a company that cares about their employees directly correlates with the level of care given to our customers. I know with this company my family and my future will be successful and secure.

Everyday I assist customers who have never dealt with water damage and trust my crew and I to aid them through the process. Helping them understand the process and providing good clean work is wonderful in itself.

My tip for homeowners: if you discover water damage from an active leak, turn the water off to the house immediately. The home should have two shutoffs. One is typically found inside the garage, while the other can be found in the water box on the sidewalk. Once the water is turned off to the house, the damage is mitigated and thenwe can take over and help.


“I’m one of the technicians you would see doing the work at your home or performing our daily check ups at your property. I have been with the company for 9 months now and love learning about the industry everyday.

Being a technician is rewarding because we’re the troops on the ground, doing the work. I have to be knowledgeable in the work I do. We are removing cabinets, cutting out sheetrock, removing baseboards, etc.

It can be stressful for a homeowner to see their home have more damage after the water has been turned off. If we leave the area clean and neat, I believe it helps to lessen that stress.

For homeowners, my advice; if you notice staining or water, don’t ignore it. Insurance companies usually will not cover slow leaks that have been leaking for an extended period of time.

Nothing is worse than arriving on a job where homeowner has delayed in reporting the damage, and insurance denies coverage. We offer a free evaluation of any potential damage and believe that every homeowner should be able to have peace of mind at no cost. Our owner always says to the customer: If we have to charge you to earn your business, we have no right being in business.”


“I’m a Project Manager at Quick Dry Restoration. You will usually see me leading a job, or meeting an adjuster at a property to go over project details. I’ve been with Quick Dry going on 5 years and it’s a second home for me.

There is never a dull moment being a part of this family. Giving homeowners a sense of security in a time of stress and uncertainty is one of the best parts of the job, as is watching how quickly we get things cleaned up. I feel some companies don’t have urgency. We know this process isn’t always fast: materials for repairs can be on backorder, or contractors can be overbooked. One way we combat these things, is by getting things cleaned up and equipment delivered as soon as possible.

My advice for homeowners: take care of your plumbing. Contact a quality plumbing company and get on a service plan. Water heaters can have their life extended by having the heater flushed twice a year, angle stops should be exercised and turned on and off to ensure they’re working, and check appliances monthly.

Most of the plumbing companies we work with in the valley offer service programs and these things can be of great advantage to homeowners.”


“I’ve been with the company a year and worked my way from a technician into a Project
Manager. The thing I love most is being on a job assisting the plumber and homeowner in finding hard to detect leaks.

When we arrive at some calls, the leak can be difficult for the plumber to diagnose; that’s why on every call we use a thermal imaging camera and non-intrusive moisture meter. With these tools we are able to moisture map the property and visibly see the extent of the damage. The thermal imaging camera allows us to paint a picture and locate areas that are differing in temperature. Most of the time anything wet will be much colder than an area that is dry; unless the damage is from a hot water source. The moisture meter allows us to verify that those areas are wet. This helps locate the leak, without having to open walls.

My advice to homeowners: this is your home & investment, and the cheapest option is usually not the best option. We value your home, and we will see the job through properly.”


“I’ve been at Quick Dry Restoration since February of 2021. I’m responsible for doing the tear out on flood calls and daily check-ups. I truly have an amazing group of guys that I work with which makes the work very enjoyable. The atmosphere here at Quick Dry is one of a kind. Everyday I’m pushed to take on new challenges and given new opportunities to learn and grow.”


“I’ve been with the company for 3 years and love it! Working at Quick Dry Restoration is unlike any job I’ve had. Management is constantly pushing us to learn the most we can in the industry, and going above and beyond to get us that knowledge so we can be the best in the valley.”