PROTEINHOUSE is a US-based, meal prep company, based in Las Vegas, Nevada and co-founded by Larissa Reis in 2012.

Larissa Reis is an IFBB Pro Athlete, a certified trainer, nutritionist, and entrepreneur who conceptualized PROTEINHOUSE in catering to the growing community of people who are conscious about their health and fitness by getting them to EAT WITH PURPOSE.

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PROTEINHOUSE aims to bring a deliciously fresh and nutritious dense meal for the purpose of accommodating each person’s nutrition, overall health and well being.

Products and Services

The Company designed the selection of food on the menu it offers with the athletes, professionals, and sports enthusiast in mind, using the most unique selection and the finest of ingredients to ensure the best quality.

PROTEINHOUSE aims to be a mecca for healthy foods, healthy eating, and healthy lifestyle by ensuring each customer would have the best experience.

PROTEINHOUSE commits to bringing joy to your day, health to your body and peace to your soul.

The company is committed to providing a comfortable and inviting atmosphere that offers a superior quality of healthy food selections, prepared and served by courteous and friendly members of the staff.

Other services that the company offers include catering to weddings, birthday parties, family gatherings, as well as corporate or business luncheon with a variety of choices on the menu which includes Vegan and Vegetarian options.

The place is definitely a must for people who want to eat while staying fit and live healthily.

Here are some good things local customers had to say:

  • Excellent food, with kind and helpful people! They DO offer a Military Discount! The prices are great for the quality of food you’re getting! And the menu is perfectly suited for all diets and most meal plans! Highly recommend! -Benjamin wall
  • First time trying it today everything was fresh and delicious I got the salmon teriyaki bowl and high C juice. Feeling refreshed and full of energy. Will be coming back again. -Joey Rodriguez
  • Great spot for healthy food but not necessarily low calorie. Know what you are doing and it’s wonderful. A favorite spot for a bison burger or peanut butter smoothie. Clean, moderately priced. -Mark Langford

Sponsored Professional Athletes of PROTEINHOUSE

PROTEINHOUSE does a great job in providing food that nurtures and supports professional athletes who strive to keep healthy and have a fulfilling lifestyle, providing a superior product compared to its competitors.

Carol’s favorite PROTEINHOUSE meal is the Thai Monster Bowl. She is a sponsored athlete.

One of its sponsored athletes, Carol Vieira is a 13-year-old, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Champion, Kids World Champion, American National Champion and owns other titles says, “Eating healthy is essential for everybody, especially [to] an athlete.

Carol’s favorite meal at PROTEINHOUSE is the “Thai Monster Bowl”.



Claudia Gadelha is a BJJ black belt, UFC fighter and #3 in the official UFC strawweight rankings. She is a PROTEINHOUSE sponsored athlete.

Claudia Gadelha a UFC Fighter who officially ranks at number 3 in the strawweight division rankings and currently living in Las Vegas talks about the importance of eating healthy food saying: “I love the food at PROTEINHOUSE, I think it’s a great opportunity to leave your house and go eating at a restaurant that you can get everything healthy, you know especially for me, I’m from Brazil it’s very hard to eat healthy in Brazil and you have to cook there’s no other option for that, so I love the fact that I can leave my house and go somewhere and have very very healthy food.”


PROTEINHOUSE makes Cris’ diet food that is clean and healthy. Cris is MMA Fighter, UFC Featherweight Champion.

Cris Cyborg, a UFC Featherweight Champion holding a 19-1 record says, “There is not a great difference between athletes and between professional fighters because the gap is so close, eating clean with a great diet coupled with the hard work you put into training, really makes a big difference.”

Cris also says she’s been really happy to work with PROTEINHOUSE because the food is really the reality – her reality every day. She adds, “When I have a fight, I send to them my diet to make my food. It’s great because I don’t have to change my food with PROTEINHOUSE, their food is clean like the food I eat all the time for myself, clean and healthy food. ”

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Whether you are a person who’s living an active lifestyle, always on the go for having a busy schedule, or a person who’s trying to lose weight to stay fit and healthy, PROTEINHOUSE is the definitely the best place to get a well-balanced meal without compromising nutritional content and taste.

See how Larissa Reis, PROTEINHOUSE Co-Founder, IFBB Pro Athlete, certified personal trainer, nutritionist and entrepreneur trains: