Here at Nevada Coin Mart (NCM), we believe in caring sincerely. We are inspired by the concept of giving genuine care. I believe that my company has been up and running for more than forty years because we root everything we do from the concept. 

Caring sincerely is the driving force that fuels us to give nothing short of best to our customers. Some of our efforts include: 

Safe and Secure Environment

My business is all about dealing with valuable items, which is why it is a given that I place a huge deal of importance in making our customers safe and secured. When you step into our store, you are privileged to get a private booth for free. All our security professionals are at the door at all times, prepared for any scenario. 

Nevada Coin Mart Buyer Las Vegas
At NCM, you have the privilege to get a booth for free, allowing you to ensure your privacy.

Transparent Transaction

Your items will be evaluated right in front of you. You can see everything we do during the entire evaluation of your valuable items. 

Highest Possible Cash Offer

NCM makes money by getting a volume of transactions and not by getting the most out of every transaction. Upfront, my staff or I will tell you the resale market value of your item and the small commission we want to get. 

Up-to-Date Technology

NCM is the most technically advanced buyer in Las Vegas. We only use state-of-the-art tools to assist us in evaluating stuff. Some of them are: 

  • Thermo Niton XL2 980 GOLDD XRF Analyzer
  • Precious Metal Verifier Kit
  • GIA DLScope Trinocular Microscope
  • Gem Diamond Lite
X Ray Spectrometer Testing Precious Metal
Nevada Coin Mart is the most technically advanced buyer in Las Vegas.

A Dedicated Team of Industry Experts

Aside from reliable tools, I also need skilled and trustworthy workers to give a convenient and profitable experience for my customers. NCM comprises a team of credible and dedicated industry experts. Some of the people I have aboard are:

  • A GIA Graduate Gemologist
  • Experienced Numismatists
  • High-End Specialty Watch Buyers
  • Coin Experts


NCM has unlocked milestones after milestones while upholding caring sincerely through the years. Among many others, it was hailed as the Best of Las Vegas 2018 Gold Winner in three categories: Gold, Coins, and Collectibles. It was also hailed as the Best of Las Vegas 2018 Bronze Winner in Customer Service. There were over 3 million votes in Vegas. 

Nevada Coin Mart Best in Customer Service
Some of NCM’s customer service efforts are 24/7 chat, free online and in-person quotation, full-time security professionals, and many more!

If you need help with your stuff, our doors are open 365 days per year from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. Our customer service chat is also available 24/7. We give free online and in-person quotations. Talk to you soon!