Don’t you just hate how most romance movies involve a love triangle in their plots? I agree those are completely cliché and uncool. Don’t hate on love triangles yet though. Because I know of one love triangle that you will surely love too – pizza.

All kinds of pizzerias are spread across the world. But there is one in Las Vegas that you will regret not visiting (if you’re ever in the area) – Las Vegas Napoli Pizza and Restaurant. Having three branches across the city, West Sahara, North Nellis, and Henderson, the pizzeria is one that has caught many eyes – or taste buds and they are not disappointed.

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From appetizers to main dishes to desserts, they give each of their customers with a scrumptious meal! Besides from pizza itself, they also offer a variety of soups, salads and chicken wraps, a wide range of choices for sandwiches, both cold and hot, different kinds of burgers and pasta. Additionally, they also offer a bunch of different beverages and even deserts and then, of course, an extensive menu of pizza choices.

Napoli Pizza and Restaurant is home to the 30-inch pizza.

What they’re most proud of, though, are the sizes of their pizzas. The smallest (whole) pizza you can probably get there is 10 inches and the biggest one has a big size of 30 inches. Seems like Napoli Pizza does not like bite-size. Customers also rave about the awesome kinds of pizzas that they offer. Aside from the usual kinds like Pepperoni or Cheese kinds, they offer Ranch Pizzas, Mexican, Italian and Greek Style Pizzas, Chicken Pizzas or Meat Pizzas and the famous Taco Pizza. For vegetarians out there, they also offer two kinds of vegetarian pizzas and even gluten-free pizza for your liking! With all the kinds of pizza they offer plus their sizes, one may actually have a hard time choosing from the menu.

Not only do they offer for all kinds of taste buds, but Napoli Pizzeria also caters to all ages, giving children their own menu to choose from. Also, their places in the three branches have a very fresh and clean ambiance and environment. Their stores also open until very late in the evening, perfect for those who come home late and want to grab a bite. Aside from catering services, they also deliver through online orders or orders from the phone.

Explore their 360° Virtual Tour

So either you’re an independent soul looking for a place to enjoy or you’re with a family or a group of friends finding a place to eat, Napoli Pizza and Restaurant is your place to be. It’s also a great place to hold school and business meetings or even if you just want to stay at home or at the office, then Napoli Pizzeria is ready for you – Offering the biggest love triangle that will leave you satisfied and happy!

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