Feel the magic of movement as two people glide together in the romance of dance. The legacy of Arthur Murray continues the love of dance at the Arthur Murray Dance Studios in Las Vegas and Henderson.

The popularity of television shows such as “Dancing with the Stars,” “So You Think You
Can Dance,” and “America’s Got Talent” demonstrates the love of dance. At Arthur
Murray Dance Studios, anyone can learn and enjoy ballroom dancing along with Latin and swing.

In Southern Nevada, dancing has exploded as a way to connect and enjoy an evening.
“There are so many places to go with live music encouraging everyone to get up on the dance floor,” says Justin McClendon, one of the owners of Arthur Murray Dance Studios in Las Vegas and Henderson. “There are so many opportunities to go out, live life, and have a great time and dancing is a really great way to do that.”

The studio offers both social dancing as well as competitive dancing including those who want to learn to dance at their wedding. All different types of people now want to learn how to dance, including those who wish to compete in ballroom dancing.

“There are various reasons including couples coming in for a date night and wedding couples to prepare for their wedding reception,” explains Tiffany Higgins, one of the owners of Arthur Murray Dance Studios in Las Vegas and Henderson. There is the first dance that some want simple steps, and others want extensive choreography. Fathers and daughters also come in to learn special steps for their special dance during the wedding reception. It is also a way to meet people and socialize in a safe, fun environment.
Dancing is also a perfect way to exercise and move.

The founder of the studio, Arthur Murray, was born in 1895 in Austria and immigrated to
New York City with his parents in 1897. Tall and shy as a teenager, he was introduced to dance as a way to meet girls and was soon hosting dance parties. He also taught dance and began his dance studios bearing his name in 1925. Today, there are over 300 Arthur
Murray Dance Studios franchises with two located in Southern Nevada.

For beginners who want to learn ballroom dancing, Higgins’ advice is just to get started with their introductory offer of two private lessons for $99. “We specialize with people who have no dance experience. You don’t have to be nervous; we are here to teach you and have fun.”

“Anyone can dance. I think the hardest part is just walking through the door,” adds
McClendon. “Barriers get broken down, and it gets so much easier when people realize how fun dancing is and, more importantly, anyone can dance.