Hello, my name is Peter Guzman. I have the privilege and honor to be the President of the Latin Chamber of Commerce, NV. The LCC is an organization that has been in our community for over 42 years now. Over the last 3 plus years, the LCC has experienced incredible growth and a big percentage of that growth has been non-Latino businesses joining our Chamber. I believe part of the reason is because the LCC brings real value & opportunities to its members.

Our networking opportunities are vast and energetic. This is all happening because Latino Entrepreneurship is at an all-time high. In fact, Hispanics under 45 are more likely to start a business than non-Hispanics under 45 and over 70% of Hispanic small business owners are under the age of 45. What is even more exciting is the growth in Latina Entrepreneurship. The LCC continues to see a record amount of Latina business owners joining our Chamber.

Construction has been a real economic driver in this community and the LCC had the vision to see it coming. We knew it would create real jobs and real opportunities. When you combine that with sports, well you really see that the opportunities are vast and real. Raider Stadium, now known as Allegiant Arena, is a perfect example. The stadium has been a real example of the importance of diversity, community and economic development, all coming together. I am so proud to have been chosen by the Raiders organization as their representative for the “Community Benefits Plan”. This plan ensures that the Raiders fulfill their promises. Today, I can tell you that they are superseding those promises. Besides being great members and partners of the Latin Chamber of Commerce, they are committed to our great community.

Let’s talk about the Community Impact Numbers. Raiders have committed $1,980,551 to support community programs. They have donated $571,360 in emergency community support. They have made 436 community appearances that total more than 920 hours of service. They have supported more than 517 non-profits and they have impacted more than 19,700 youth, families, as well as military families. As you can see, this project called the Raiders has truly lived up and gone above and beyond.

So in closing, I am proud to say that I love Las Vegas, I love Nevada and I love being President of the most powerful and successful Latino Business Organization in the State – The Latin Chamber of Commerce.

Peter Guzman