Las Vegas Elite Off-Road offers uncommon tours with adventure and excitement using high caliber, elite performing four-wheel-drive vehicles. If you are looking for the best thrilling off-road adventures, this is your perfect option.

The company will leave you no worries as they offer pick-up and complimentary shuttle services that cover the entirety of the greater Las Vegas Area. As a leading adventure company, Las Vegas Elite Off-Road provides a total of two hours of drive time through hills, rock climbs, dunes, and desert wash.

Tourists get to control their vehicle’s speed while they drive through a variety of terrain with the help of a guide, whose primary role is to direct clients to the best tracks and alarm them when they need to slow down. Of course, these highly trained guides ensure that the roads tourists take during off-road activities are safe and secure. As soon as you sign up with Las Vegas Elite Off-road, you get to ride an impressive vehicle through the Nevada desert. An expert team will provide you with the finest off-road rides, such as the Maverick X3s.

This dune buggy-style machine is the highest quality off-road vehicle provided to the consumer market by Polaris. With actual 4-wheel drive, powerful engines, automatic transmissions, long-travel suspension, and elite safety features, these vehicles will ultimately deliver elite performance that Las Vegas destinations require.

Enjoy the ultimate off-road experience in complete comfort with Elite Las Vegas’ vehicles. These road machines can accomplish everything an ATV or a basic dune buggy can achieve, plus a lot more. Additionally, the company also has Can-Ams that carry twice the horsepower of a typical ATV, offers a 4-wheel drive and long-travel suspension, allowing thrill-seekers to negotiate terrain and breathtaking landscapes that no other 2-wheel drive buggy can. This is surely an excellent riding adventure that you would not miss.