Craving for a juicy steak? Las Vegas is a great place to satisfy that craving. The city is abundant with quality steakhouses, located in big-time hotels and managed by famous chefs. But while there are many new steakhouses rising around the city, there’s an old steakhouse that remains to be a household name: the Golden Steer.


The Golden Steer, the oldest steakhouse in Las Vegas, was opened in 1958. It started out as a small restaurant with a bar and a dining area. And while it stood the test of time, its classic interior remains the same: red tufted leather banquette, wood-paneled walls, tin-stamped ceilings, and old Western-themed paintings.

This picture was taken in 1965 when Golden Steer Steakhouse shared space with a laundromat. The Steakhouse has come a long way since the 60s. Photo courtesy of Golden Steer Steakhouse’s Facebook account.

The Golden Steer expanded by annexing in the neighboring shops until it found its own spot just west of The Strip on Sahara Avenue.

Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman writes in the foreword of the restaurant’s 2017 cookbook, “The Golden Steer has been the standard-bearer of a first-class steakhouse for more than 55 years.” 


The Golden Steer is a classic steakhouse that serves big portions. It prides itself in serving USDA Prime Aged, Corn-Fed Beef. It has also been widely known for its Prime Rib, New York and Filet of Beef. It is a signature dish that spurs regular customers.

One of Golden Steer’s mouth-watering steaks. Photo courtesy of Golden Steer Steakhouse’s Facebook account.

The Golden Steer’s present menu reflects the current taste, but retains the original concept of fine dining with quality steaks and memorable seafood.

For the red meat menu, the popular choices are filet mignon, NY Strip, 24-ounce porterhouse and three sizes of prime rib. There is also a Chateaubriand carved table-side.

The Golden Steer has mouth-watering steaks that will leave you wanting for more. At a cost-competitive price, you can already obtain an amazing dining experience at this place.

Seafood platter and fresh oysters are also served aside from steaks. Photo courtesy of Golden Steer Steakhouse’s Facebook account.

There’s plenty of seafood on Golden Steer’s menu as well. Some seafood entrees are Alaskan salmon, jumbo Australian lobster tail, and shrimp scampi.

A bunch of famous people had experienced the Golden Steer. Some of them are Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. The Golden Steer hangs the portraits of these famous diners on its walls.

Upon reservation, guests could use the table that famous celebrities like Mario Andretti, actress Marilyn Monroe, John Wayne, Joe DiMaggio, Muhammad Ali and Elvis Presley used.

You can reserve one of the tables at Golden Steer Steakhouse. Photo courtesy of Golden Steer Steakhouse’s Facebook account.

Amazing Reviews

Reviews from TripAdvisor, Google and Facebook are mostly 5-star ratings. See what some people had to say about the Golden Steer Steakhouse:

“Atmosphere is old Las Vegas, think Rat Pack and Jo DeMaggio. Dimly lit room, shiny booths, waiters in Tuxedos prepping Caesar salad beside your table, flames to the ceiling simmering fruit for Cherries jubilee. I don’t know why you would go anywhere on the strip when you could visit this place and feel as though you’ve been thrown back to 1940 . Oh, yes the food is good too! Chicken parm and fillet , meatballs for appetizer. All delish.”

– Stephe Spinoza (TripAdvisor)

“This place is everything that we miss in high dining restaurants. Personal service, without being pushy. Big servings without being over the top. They keep it simple but they do it well. The interior really brings you back in time together with the old waiters that serves the food old style. The steak was so good that it didn’t need any sides or sauce. It just was perfect and stood great by itself.”

– Christopher Ahlstrom (Google Reviews)

“Great place to eat at. Food and service was super. You pay for what you get. And this was the best meal I have ever had in Las Vegas in 22 years. The decor was very cool and has a ton of history. Highly recommend!”

– Milton Wright (Facebook)





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