Investments are complex, always changing, and can invoke fear into those who want to grow their income but need help. Transamerica Financial Advisors is a broker/dealer and registered investment advisor ready to guide their clients to reach their financial goals. Independent Registered Representatives and Investment Advisor Representatives focus on giving insight into the financial world as clients’ wealth grow.

Shane McGregor first got into the business based on his personal life experiences. Born in Jamaica, he first faced life living in a third world country. His family immigrated to New York City, and McGregor was ready to embrace the American Dream. At the age of 14, McGregor worked in a nursing home managed by his mother and was able to comprehend what seniors thought about their lives as an older person and how they got to that position.

Many people do take their financial responsibility very seriously, especially retirement. Many individuals look forward to traveling or spending more time with their families after retirement, which is why financial planning is very important.

There are many personal financial products including a 401(k). This is a retirement plan that is established by a business for its employees to invest a portion of their pay before taxes towards their retirement. Taxes are not paid on this amount until the money is withdrawn from the account. This product is slowly replacing pension plans.

Life changes especially when a spouse or family member passes away, the birth of a child or raising a grandchild. There is also the purchase of a home and the buyer(s) might have savings in a 401(k) or other qualified plans they need to withdraw for the down payment. There are tax ramifications, and implications while financial decisions do need to be made for the best result.

“I can consult with clients about the best financial strategies with big life changes such as purchasing a home,” explains McGregor.

Annuities are a piece of an overall retirement plan, and it is a contract between an individual and a life insurance company. This will guarantee an income for the person’ remainder of their life.

As for the process, the first appointment is about an hour or longer for the advisor and clients to meet and understand what financial goals want to be achieved and where the clients are in at this stage of their life. It is after really getting to know the clients that a strategy can be mapped out on how to achieve these goals. It is Transamerica Financial Advisors that pays McGregor and other advisors, not necessarily the clients.

Reputation and reliability are also important. Transamerica Financial Advisors handles 401(k) plans for major companies including Station Casinos and Southwest Airlines. McGregor is a representative of a company can be trusted, offering a brick-and-mortar location with several offices in Southern Nevada with longevity.