The smallest step in the right direction turns out to be the biggest step of your LIFE.

That is what greets you on the homepage of Essensa Wellness & Aesthetics Center. When you acknowledge you need a change in your life, it’s the smallest step that can be the door to a new you.

Essensa is a company that is founded for healthcare, established by the founders of Medicotek Inc. They are in the healthcare industry for more than thirty years, with a desire to provide a facility that has the best medical products, treatments, and services.

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If you are wondering why the name is Essensa is because it is derived from the word, Essence, meaning the most significant quality of a thing or person. The company has always believed that someone or something is beautiful when provided an exceptional experience of satisfaction. It would be a nice experience to be trying their services under Aesthetics, which can be seen below.


Laser Services
HydraFacial MD
LED Light Therapy

It is just proper that they want each person to feel truly beautiful inside and out. What we can expect from them is individualized and gentle care using their clinically proven products and machinery.

Look good but also feel good

Essensa Wellness & Aesthetics Center believes that skin is most beautiful when it’s healthy so they recommend facials.

Essensa fulfills its belief by giving unparalleled patient care and service that meet the clinical standards. It also only mainly uses US FDA-approved medical tools and equipment. As a result, Essensa is able to satisfy its patients, making them not only look good but also feel good.

Aside from Aesthetics, Essensa’s healthcare have two other categories of services, which are weight management and wellness. Listed below are what they offer that fall under the said categories:

Weight Management

Appetite Suppressant
HCG Diet
Lipotropic Injections
Body Contouring


IV Nutrient Therapy
Sexual Health
Low Testosterone

Essensa’s Mission

Below is the mission of Essensa Wellness & Aesthetics Center:

  • To become part of every person’s destiny to look beautiful, find happiness, be confident, and feel desirable.
  • People often say I don’t want a Perfect life, I want a Happy life

They want each client to feel joy as they feel beautiful. It’s not just the outside appearance they care about. They want everyone to feel unshaken and alluring. These are just some of the results of being under the care of Essensa.

Explore their 360° Virtual Tour

Set the trajectory of your health and wellness journey in the right direction. Take the first step with Essensa. If you wish to schedule a consultation, their lines and doors are always open. They are excited to know how they can help you!

Good skincare is also for men. Watch here: