The economy of Southern Nevada heavily depends on the COVID-19 pandemic effects; this is not just evident in Las Vegas but in other states as well. UNLV’s Center for Business and Economic Research (CBER) released their year-end report last November which included the challenges of the pandemic on a rising region and its ongoing recovery due to high COVID-19 vaccination rates, which the researchers referred to as a ?”broken-V” shape.

Andrew Woods, director of CBER said, “Because the Southern Nevada economy heavily depends on tourism, its outlook ties to the future path of the coronavirus. The continued progress on vaccinating a higher percentage of the population and the absence of variants that can avoid the protection of vaccines will make economic recovery much more likely.”

CBER research director & economist Stephen Miller, on the other hand, proved a turning point in the Las Vegas economy and said that the indicator of a comeback is slow but is progressive. He said that Las Vegas is a city on the edge of a new era in 2019 until COVID-19 hit, but now that the economy is kicking back in, everyone can expect an economic recovery.