Many industries in Nevada were hit hard by changing government mandates, staffing crises, unemployment, and social distancing policies from the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic two years ago.

One industry that received the biggest blow is the property management industry; but in what we consider the post-COVID era, many investors are starting to trust the benefits of the rising demands in property purchase.

Jessica Jardine, partner at Commercial Property Management said, “Nevada is a prime place to be because it’s not taxed as heavy and so, for businesses, it’s much better. They want to be here, so they’re coming over here, they’re taking spaces. The market is very high, so you’re paying a lot more per square foot for the spaces.”

The competition for space, delays in construction because of shortage in workforce, and flexible working schedules of those working remotely now are contributing factors to the challenges of recovery, but still, hopes are high in a much-awaited economic comeback