When it comes to taxes, it’s all about saving taxes! Who understands the financial rules and regulations involved in filing taxes? Many people and tax preparers understand only the basic parts of the law. This superficial understanding can leave you exposed in the event an IRS chooses you for examination. Tax filings are best done by professionals who have decades of experience looking at tax forms. If you want to make sure your tax filings are correct, it is best to sit down with a CPA. Daniel Cunningham of DannyCPA shares, “As a CPA, I have studied for years to be able to help residents, business owners, investors, traders, real estate entrepreneurs, gamblers, and retirees make decisions that will allow them to maximize tax savings. I am always enthusiastic about discussing past and present tax filings with you so that you can get a better understanding of your specific situation.”

Why You Need a CPA

CPAs can act as a trusted financial advisor who can help you manage your finances wisely. You may want to see a CPA if you are undergoing recent life changes, such as going into retirement or receiving an inheritance. CPAS can also help you if you are constantly bothered by tax notices, such as back taxes and amended returns, coming in the mail. CPAs can also assist you if you need to update your balance sheets or if you need someone to help you negotiate with the IRS.

Cunningham shared that in the years he has been in the industry, he had seen how many individuals do not have access to the right professional when they need one. “When I started promoting my business, I realized that many people do not know a CPA. Most CPAs work with big companies, handling large accounts. For this reason, I enjoy job meetings with residents and business owners because it allows me to offer my expertise to help them with their financial and employment decisions.”

At DannyCPA, tax returns are a representation of the individual or the company. That said, tax returns must have the best quality as possible. “As a CPA, I will guide you through the entire process and be at your disposal should you have any questions. This way, I can be a trusted financial advisor to you, your family, and your business.”

Why Choose DannyCPA for Your Tax Needs?

As a tax professional, I spent many hours on continuing education yearly. I supplement my knowledge with live training conferences and meeting with industry professionals and peers from all over the country to discuss current topics and updates.

Some of the services offered include Accounting Services, Authorized E-File Provider, Business Startup Services, Corporate Tax Returns, IRS and State Agency Representation, Partnership Tax Returns, Personal Tax Returns,State Tax Returns, Trust Tax Returns, and Unfiled and Amended Prior Year Returns.

Who is the Person Behind DannyCPA?

Daniel Cunningham grew up in Kansas City, Mo. where he learned great things are earned. He completed his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Nevada Las Vegas Department of Accounting. Cunningham had previous employments at numerous CPA firms in Las Vegas since coming in 2004. “Through these firms, I have gained valuable experience with small business accounts, such as contractors, medical professionals, bakeries, real estate developers, real estate agents, insurance agents, ministers, and others.”

Visit the New DannyCPA Office

If you need any assistance with tax filing and other financial concerns, allow me to serve as your trusted advisor by visiting my office just south of Sunset Park.