AutoSource is a US-based, Limited Liability Company that provides used car dealer services in different locations throughout the United States. This includes Idaho, Colorado, Utah, and most recently, Nevada. Although Nevada is the company’s most recent branch, it is the most popular. If you live around the area, it is located at 212 E Sahara Ave Las Vegas, Nevada 89104.

AutoSource specializes in procuring their vehicles in a different approach compared to how things are traditionally done at dealerships with the help of car rebuilding experts of different make and models in all parts of the country within their network.

AutoSource is the largest dealer of Branded Titles in the country.

To ensure excellent customer service, AutoSource only displays vehicles that are in good shape and condition. Its adept staff meticulously checks each vehicle and only approves those that pass the 151-point inspection.

Each vehicle goes through a stringent screening process for quality and safety checks with a team of experts to guarantee that it passes and exceeds the standard of quality required to become the largest, #1 branded title vehicle dealer in the United States.


At AutoSource, a buyer will get to obtain a Limited Powertrain Warranty for FREE.

Limited Powertrain Warranty

The Limited Powertrain Warranty is valid for a period of three months or three thousand miles after purchase. The warranty covers the repair of defects caused by material or workmanship of the Powertrain components including:

    The warranty covers all internally lubricated parts of the engine. This includes the piston pins, the piston rings, the piston, the connecting rods and bearings, the crankshaft and main bearings, the camshaft and bearings, the belt or timing chain, the exhaust and intake valves, the valve guides, the valve springs, the push rods, the oil pump, the hydraulic and solid lifters, the rocker arm shafts, and the rocker arm. The warranty also covers the engine block and heads.
The engine and transmission are some of the components of the Limited Powertrain Warranty.
    The warranty covers the repair of the damage caused by the failure of internal parts including the mounts, the vacuum moderator, and the torque converter.
    The warranty covers internally lubricated parts contained in the housings including the axle shafts, the differential housing, the transaxle housing, and the final drive housing.
    The warranty covers the 4×4 internal parts including the bearings, the bushings, the sprockets, the chains, the sleeves, and the gears. It excludes electrical items.
Bearings, bushings, and sprockets are some of the components of the Limited Powertrain Warranty.
    Seals and gaskets are replaced only as part of repair or replacement of the above covered components. Leaking gaskets or seals are not part of the covered item.

What Makes AutoSource Different

In case you’re wondering how AutoSource differs compared to others, here’s what the people at Google Reviews who gave 5-star ratings had to say:

“I always bought used off of private sellers because of the fear our peers tell us about how dealerships work. Until I stepped into my first ever dealership and meet Reggie Williams at Auto Source! Reggie was very polite and understanding of my needs and wants. And before I knew it, I was driving off the lot in the exact truck I wanted. Couldn’t have done it without your help, Reggie! I’ll definitely be seeing you on my next purchase as well. And any future buyers I suggest you do the same!”
-Shawn Trujillo

“Best dealership I’ve ever dealt with. No pressure techniques. Just wish the Internet prices were out the door price. That being said, the only additional fees were an $820 dealership fee plus tax. Great prices!”
-Kurt Trotter

“We love car shopping at AutoSource. The best part is no hassle sales team. They allow you to do your own car shopping and are there when you need them. Excellent customer service. They don’t have to sell their vehicles. Their vehicles sell themselves. Best bang for your buck! Thanks to Mariah, Terry, and the finance team for all your help.”
-Jennifer Wilkerson

“Andrew helped me out and it was a quick and easy process. If you need to buy cars Andrew at Auto Source is your guy! Come here now! It’s like heaven on Earth, but it’s a car lot and Andrew is one of the automotive angels flying around ready to swoop you up and take you to car Nirvana. There’s nothing like it.”
-Ricardo Saenz

Photo Courtesy of AutoSource’s Facebook account.

How much money will I save?

People are always looking out for the best deals and hoping to get their money’s worth yet wanting both of these options seems to be impossible. But here’s the good news! With AutoSource, you’ll get the best of both and the only question you’ll have to think about is, “How much money will I save?”


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