Do you have a collection of coins or a jewelry box full of vintage items and antique jewelry that nobody from your family wants? While nodding to this question may hurt, we have good news that would put a smile on your face in no time.

We know that you love your possessions, and you hope that you could pass them to others that can respect and value them as you do. Well, at Neil Sackmary’s Nevada Coin Mart – Jones and Flamingo, we will not only respect your belongings. We will pay for them fairly too.

Nevada Coin mart is located on Jones and Flamingo
Nevada Coin Mart: on Jones and Flamingo

Nobody Wants It? We do!

We get a lot of customers that come in to sell their old coins and jewelry and say the same thing: “the kids don’t want it, nobody wants it, I want to pass this on to someone that appreciates it.”

We are interested in classic items, and the most common we purchase are as follows:
• Antique / Vintage Jewelry (including pearls)
• Navajo / Turquoise / Silver Jewelry
• Old Silverware & Tea Sets, and Utensils
• Classic ROLEX and other high-end watches
• Old Coins & Currency

Here at Nevada Coin Mart, we don’t only pay fair for your valuable items. We also make sure that they go to people that will respect and appreciate them.

Costume Jewelry Buyer Las Vegas Nevada Coin Mart
Neil is the ONLY Buyer of Costume Jewelry in Las Vegas

Finding a New Home for Your Belongings

We have a network of dealers that extends beyond Las Vegas. So, if you are worried because your item is not valuable in Las Vegas anymore, don’t be! We can help you find a buyer somewhere else that will find it valuable.

True enough, it’s a win-win situation for you at Nevada Coin Mart. Not only will you receive fair and just payment. You will also be at peace knowing that your item is in good hands. Come to think of it, it’s a win-win situation for all – you, us, the dealer, and the new owner of your valuables

You get value (extra cash) – and your item finds a new caring home. It’s a win-win for all.