“Should I sell my wedding and engagement rings after divorce?” This has been one of the most popular post-divorce dilemmas. If you are currently in this situation, below are some of the common reasons why men and women choose to sell their wedding and engagement ring after divorce:

1. To solve current financial challenges. Getting a divorce can be costly. Financial emergencies because of unforeseen events such as your kid getting sick or your house needing repairs can also happen. Selling the wedding and engagement rings is one option to get instant cash and solve problems immediately.

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2. To buy something new. Some sell the rings, women especially, to buy something that symbolizes a fresh start such as a dress, a watch, or maybe even a new ring. 

3. To move forward. Another reason for selling the wedding and engagement rings is to avoid emotional triggers. While every person is responsible for how they feel, no one could judge others who choose to eliminate items that would remind them of the failed relationship. Everyone copes with hardship differently.

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Although there are many opinions around you on what to do, know that the most valuable opinion is your opinion. It’s your situation and nobody can tell you how to handle it better than yourself.

If you want to just let your rings sit on your jewelry box for some time, no problem. But if you think it’s time to sell them, go to an honest and professional buyer.


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