Silverware – Cash or Treasure?

Are you still holding onto a silverware set or silver buffet ware with the hope that your children or grandchildren will someday display it on their holiday table? Consider a few things before you store it away for another decade or so.

• Sterling or silver-plated silverware, platters, trays, and candelabras have been out of fashion for many years now and your family most likely doesn’t want it and will rarely use it.
• With the high-quality stainless sets on the market, nobody eats using silverware anymore;
• Silverware requires maintenance and most people do not have the time nor the desire to spend an afternoon polishing silver;
• A silverware set can be worth thousands of dollars!

Bring your silverware to Nevada Coin Mart so the value can be checked and you can decide to sell it or not.

So, why keep a set you never use when you can declutter your living space and turn that hidden value into cash now? Sell your items and use the cash for your personal enjoyment or purchase something your family needs.

Neil Sackmary at Nevada Coin Mart on Jones & Flamingo buys ALL kinds of Silverware, platters, trays, and decorative items, whether in sets or single items. In fact, they buy ALL kinds of Silver, including Silver bullion bars & coins, and jewelry. They will examine and test your items and give you a Free verbal appraisal and evaluation. If you are interested in selling your item(s), Neil guarantees that you will receive the highest offer and you are never under any obligation to sell!

Determining the Value

Neil determines the value of your items through expertise and state-of-the-art technology. The value of your Silver items is based both on metal composition and collectability (age, quality, detail, uniqueness, etc.). There are two types of Silver: Silverplate and Sterling Silver. All Sterling created in the United States after 1850 is stamped with one of three marks: Sterling, .925 or 925/1000.

Nevada Coin mart is located on Jones and Flamingo
Nevada Coin Mart: on Jones and Flamingo

At Nevada Coin Mart, acid is never used in testing precious metals, since it can cause damage. Instead, they use the most technically-advanced equipment on the market, such as the Precious Metal Verifier (PMV) which utilizes electromagnetic waves to evaluate the metal in bullion and coins.

Neil always pays based on the New York SPOT Price in Silver – always the Fair Market Value. For collectibles, your valuation is based on the fair market value of the Silver plus a factor based on the evaluation of the item itself.

Free, Fair and Accurate Evaluation

No matter what type of Silver you bring to them, you will ALWAYS get a Free, Fair and Accurate evaluation and THE MOST CASH for any item you decide to sell. That’s a Guarantee!