Apparel can be manufactured in the USA. AMCLV, a Las Vegas-based company, offers Apparel Production and Manufacturing Services.

AMCLV stands for ARGYLE Manufacturing Company Las Vegas, is a US-based, high-volume apparel manufacturing and production company located in Las Vegas, Nevada, that was established by Houman Salem back in 2011. Mr. Salem is both the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the company that works with Fashion Designers to meet the demands of companies worldwide in producing the highest quality of American made products.



Cut, Make, Trim

ARGYLE Manufacturing is a provider of CMT services (Cut, Make, and Trim) that only employs expert seamstresses with the use of the latest technological advancement and equipment in the industry. The company does not source any of its fabric or trim but assists clients in identifying qualified suppliers and vendors.

The total service that the company offers include affixing hang tags, sewing of garment labels, trimming and finishing, and final packaging in ready to ship condition to end consumers in retail outlets.


The Company’s manufacturing and production facility in Las Vegas caters to mass volume production of MOQs (Minimum order quantities) with an average volume of 10,000 pieces per project. The average total manufacturing time takes about 6 to 8 weeks with a 3-week lead time to start on any new manufacturing projects.

ARGYL Company is divided into different strategic business units: ARGYLEPartners, ARGYLEHaus of Apparel, ARGYLEBrands, and ARGYLEDirect and each unit offers the following services:

  • Fashion, Apparel, Retail Management Consulting
    ARGYLE Partners assist companies in retail sectors, apparel, and fashion in developing strategies to build high-performing organizations and transforming operations. The company works diligently in bringing their expertise, methodologies, and resources to build and improve brands in increasing stakeholder and shareholder value.
  • Fashion Design and Apparel Manufacturing
    ARGYLE Haus offers development and fashion design services combined with CMT (cut make and trim or cut make and thread) services to reputable designers, national brands, and growth-storage companies.
  • Fashion Marketing & Media Relations
    ARGYLE Brand is the brand management and marketing strategies firm that offers traditional and digital marketing services in helping companies by building their brand in the fashion and apparel industry.
  • Apparel 3rd Party Logistics
    ARGYLE Direct provides 3rd party logistics services which include: pick & pack, warehousing, and shipping services to apparel and fashion brands. The company integrates all platforms for e-commerce, offering B2C shipping, and direct shipping to stores via B2B shipping.
ARGYLE Manufacturing Company is bringing high-end apparel manufacturing to Las Vegas.

ARGYLE Company is committed to its “Mission Statement” in abiding with the ideals of American made garments, to serve the global fashion and apparel industry by upholding the highest standards in its workmanship and garment manufacturing construction while making sure that it adheres to sustainable, environmental-friendly, and ethical standards in conducting business.

Given the established reputation and diversified business services that the company provides with the highest quality of industry standards in conducting its business and use of technology, ARGYLE is the best partner for fashion designers, mid-sized companies, and national and international brands.