Legacy of Jose Ruiz

Air Supply Cooling is a family-owned and operated Las Vegas business that was founded by the late Jose Ruiz in 2005. Today the business is helmed by his two twin sons: Daniel & Jesus.

Daniel & Jesus run the business with the same ethos passed down to them from their father. They carry out a customer-centric approach in managing and growing the business. Jose Ruiz continues to serve as a guiding light for all employees, and his legacy is personified in his two sons dedication to making the customer happy.

Air Supply Cooling is a family owned business since 2005 that originated in Las Vegas and founded by Jose Ruiz.

Power of Two

Almost all business owners know it is hard to do it all on your own. The twins feel that one of the main reasons they are able to keep the business running properly is that they have each other to rely upon for hard decisions and during hard times.

The brothers’ end goal is to make sure that its customers receive unparalleled care in the long-term while ensuring that technicians stay up to date on the latest technology and techniques.

Bad Credit? No Problem!

Not everyone has the best of credit, and this can be a harsh reality when the AC goes out in the midsummer heat.

Air Supply works with anyone, including those with bad credit. They have arrangements with lenders that allows them to help people find and secure financing for their heating & cooling repairs and purchases.

Estimates Are Free Always

There is no extra fee when you request an estimate. Air Supply Cooling offers free estimates always.

Same Day Installation

When the temp is 110°, you and your family can’t wait it out. Air Supply installs units on the same day or within 48 hours.

Air Supply Cooling’s trained technicians repair, install & maintain all models of air conditioning systems.

No Down Payment

Air Supply Cooling does not require down payment and allows $0 payment for 60 days. All units also have a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty and a 1-year labor warranty.

20 Years of Experience

Air Supply Cooling comprises a team of certified AC technicians that have been providing residential and commercial air conditioning and heating repair services in Southern Nevada for over 20 years. The company obtained a BBB A-rating because of the excellent service they provide. They are fully bonded and licensed with license # LIC#0079885.

Bilingual Staff

The company works with Spanish-speaking customers on a regular basis, and speaking the language helps to ensure 100% communication and comfort. They also work as contractors for new home builds & remodels, and are able to communicate properly with fellow contractors on a job.

Air Supply Cooling is Las Vegas’ preferred choice for residential & commercial air conditioning services.

Quality is the #1 Concern

With quality in mind, Air Supply only works with well-known and reputable brands, and never uses refurbished parts or supplies.

Their technicians are highly-trained, and stay up-to-date on the latest techniques & technology in the following areas:

1. A/C Inspection – A certified and fully qualified technician will inspect an A/C to ensure it is running smoothly.

2. Air Conditioning – The company only installs brand new units and not refurbished ones.

3. Heating System Installations and Replacement – Air Supply’s experienced technician will help you choose the ideal heating system and install it.

Peace of Mind and Comfort

Air Supply’s goal is to give peace of mind to every business and family by providing them with excellent cooling and heating systems at the best prices. 24-Hour Support and emergency response are standard for all clients.

Air Supply Cooling is committed to same day service with the fastest response time in Las Vegas guaranteed!

They have a 5-star rating on the BBB.org, and also on Facebook. This type of reputation takes time, care and know-how to ensure that every customer starts happy and stays happy.

This excellence in service goes back to the days when Jose Ruiz founded this iconic Las Vegas company – and for that Daniel & Jesus are forever grateful.

Air Supply Cooling offers quick and reliable assistance 24/7 if you have an air conditioning emergency. Just call them at (702) 688-5549. Stay cool, Las Vegas!